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Riverview Hobbies

It’s not often I’m blown away in this hobby. While looking through some Facebook posts in the large scale group, I saw some white rims in one of Rafael Torres’ posts. I sent out an email to Riverview Hobbies, not knowing what to expect, since the images on Facebook didn’t really show me much. I got my early Christmas present a couple of days later, and it was truly an OMG! experience. I would swear that these rims were injection-molded styrene pieces, made by a huge professional worldwide company. They’re not. They are made by Jim over at Riverview Hobbies, using his own proprietary methods. All of the design and manufacturing is done in house, utilizing CAD/CAM and subtractive manufacturing. The master tooling is CNC cut from jewelry wax, which is a plasticized wax (a combination of plastic and wax),

A hard tool is cast using a tooling resin which is more durable and can tolerate more handling. The surfaces on these tools are polished and from them the production two-part silicon molds are made. The final result are some of the best resin parts that I have ever seen. Are these expensive? Well, yes, but considering the size, they are worth it. These are 1/12 scale rims, and they fit perfectly into the respective kit rims/tires. I had no problems fitting them to the Revell 1/12 Mustang, the Tamiya 934 Porsche (pictured below), and the Tamiya 1/12 240Z rims and tires. I can’t wait to paint them. They will be incredible… or, maybe send them out for chroming? I can’t wait to see more from Riverview Hobbies, my new best friend!


model cars magazine review may june 2015 issue 195 tamiya porsche 934 images
model cars magazine review may june 2015 issue 195 tamiya 240zg wheel set

Above: Porsche 934 Rim Set RVH121003, $40

Above right: Six-Hole Tamiya 240Z Detail Wheel Set RVH121001, $35

Right: Five-Spoke Mustang Set RVH121002, $30

model cars magazine review may june 2015 issue 195 revell gt500 wheel set
model cars magazine review may june 2015 issue 195 page number

Review used with permission from Model Cars Magazine.